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Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
on wisconsin in 2013 rose bowl. >> mike shumann is heading to passa deana. the report will air new year's day. you might think there is panic in the streets its pretty cold. >> yes. cool. >> it's chilly. >> yes. >> we're going to get chillier. right now here is a look at our east bay camera. we can see high clouds in the sky.+hti here is a look at live doppler 7 showing an area of concern off shore, large mass of moisture not going to provide rainfall here. it's moving away from the bay area. will be cheer and -- clear and chilly. we'll have a dry pattern that will be with us into the weekend. cold snap underway. you probably felt that this morning. we have a freeze watch for tomorrow evening into wednesday morning. north bay valleys and mountains low temperatures dropping to fween 24 and 28 degrees. it could put pipes plants and pets at risk because of the cold conditions. low temperatures overnight tonight will drop to about 30 in napa. 31 santa rosa. 31 livermore, 34, morgan hill. a spare at air alert after midnight. you should not be burning wood or fire logs. an apreching fron
Dec 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
new year's morning, and mike shumann is already in pasadena and will give is highlights. >> leigh glaser is here ex-checking out the forecast. >> leigh: it's been a terrific day. terrific weekend, and we're looking live now from the emeryville cam. a few little high clouds just off the coast. this is the golden gate bridge. but it is going to be another cold night so get ready for some frost inland by tomorrow morning. live doppler 7hd taking some time off as well. oh, yes, we're spinning live but no returns being picked up at this time. so we'll keep it dry there check out these current readings. it's cold in fairfield. 49 degrees already. san francisco 51. oakland, 56. 51 in mountain view. 49 in san jose and los gatos. here's a look at our forecast. we will go with some more cold temperatures overnight. definitely get ready for inland frost. clouds and a little cool for our new year's eve. just a few patchy clouds out there. no reason in the accuweather forecast. most of the rain will stay off the coast and then we'll bring on the sunshine for the first day of the new year on tu
Dec 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
rarely get to say this, raiders coming off a win. >> mike: they're trying to expand on that one-game win streak today in carolina but the panthers have something to say. and carson palmer, hit in the first quarter. knocked him out of the game and it was downhill from there. we have your >> mike: the raiders came away from the 2012 season to end as they can't buy a break. this will be one of the most incompetent years in franchise history, evident in their loss in carolina. not much to cheer about. cam newton threw for 127 yards. 7-0 carolina. this was a physical game. carson palmer getting crushed. flag thrown for unnecessary roughness. palmer left the game. did not return, with a rib injury. league will hand out fines. >> the kick, a scuffle starts, refs missed the kick. >> matt leinart had 115-yard and this one kicked, gave the panthers their only other chowb of the game. newton's three-yard run. raiders fall to 4-11, 17-6 your file. >> colts at arrowhead stadium faying the chiefs. chiefs clinch with a win. i get tired just watching him. chiefs down 13-10. but andrew luck, broke cam ne
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
smart phones you'll be able to whip out proof of insurance on those devices. mike dobson loves this idea. >> is. >> this is with you all the time what. a wonderful thing f you vit with you, we can have our driver's license on there, >> another change, you'll be able to text and drive if you have a program that allows to o >> apple ceo tim cook received $4 million in pay in 2012 after the company board set him up with stocks now worth $510 million. according to a filing the pay consiftd of $1.4 million in salary, a bonus of $3 million and 17,000 in company contributions to a 401(k) account. >> a bit of tech history. tablets outnumbed smart phones as christmas presents. the mobile tracking firm flurry says 51% were tab blet devices during the holidays. there is no hard evidence but analysts speculate tablets are more popular as gifts. also they don't require signing a service contract that is typically part of getting a smart phone. >> interesting. >> important warning for parents tonight. to stop using a popular baby recliner seat known as the nap nanny. >> this has been linked to d
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4